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Associations Receive 100% of their Collected Dues

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We utilize skip tracing, a phone and letter campaign, an attorney written demand, and the incentive of credit reporting in motivating homeowners to pay delinquent assessments.

Using the option of credit reporting delinquent HOA dues (as a collection account) motivates homeowners, because credit reporting affects members personally.

Only a $250 one-time flat collection cost is added to a delinquent homeowner’s balance. Homeowners pay your property management firm or agent directly, and there are no out of pocket costs for your Association.

In compliance with NCAP requirements we provide homeowners’ dates of birth or social security numbers.

No Cost HOA Collections for Associations

No Cost for HOA Boards ›

There are no contingency or recurring fees. Only a flat $250 collection cost is added to a homeowner's balance, regardless of balance size. Accounts are not assigned or pledged, so we never hinder short sales.

Our professional salaried collection counselors take your delinquent homeowners' phone calls. Homeowner payments are monitored by an accredited CPA firm. And Associations receive 100% of their collected dues.

Click here to see a timeline of our service. Click here to read testimonials from attorneys, property managers, and Community Association Boards who are using this process. Read about one Association's success using credit reporting in this Charlotte Observer article.

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A Softer Approach ›

Our collection counselors are salaried employees. This eliminates the stress and pressure associated with contingency (commission-type) collection agencies.

Our counselors are trained to help homeowners work out arrangements, so they can avoid being credit reported as a collection account to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

We collect delinquent HOA dues without using liens or foreclosure; and without incurring expensive legal fees. Our flat fee credit reporting based solution works best after your internal efforts stop working and before you go to your attorney.

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Community Associations Receive 100% of their Collected Dues and Delinquent Homeowners Only Pay a Small Flat Fee.

Credit Reporting HOA Dues as a Collection Account is Legal in All 50 States

Enacted by Congress, The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) allows property-related debts (like association assessments and fines) to be credit reported as ”consumer debts’, and thus approves for use the credit reporting of association assessments and fines in all 50 States. The process we utilize complies with all Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations and all Federal and State laws and statutes. Since all responsibility for debt collection and credit reporting compliance resides with the collection and credit reporting entity, a layer of secure protection is provided for Property Management Companies, Associations and their Board Members.

Click here for our process timeline, or to print a flyer, or read our Community Association articles. Call us at (800) 810-0015 to learn more, or to schedule a virtual tour.

Olivan Inc is an authorized agent of national collection agency NCSPlus Incorporated which operates in all 50 states. The collection process used by Olivan Inc operates as an HOA ‘dunning service’ or an HOA ‘dunning agency’ for property management companies, community associations, homeowners associations, property owners associations, and condominium associations. This collection process complies with all FDCPA, FCRA,CFPB, and NCAP rules and regulations, as well as all State and Federal laws and statutes.

HOA and POA Testimonials

  "I thought credit reporting would never work with POA dues. Boy was I ever wrong!"

· Comptroller, Michigan POA

  “We have a Homeowner that owed close to $2,400.00 for two associations. The association received payment in full yesterday. Without a company like yours, we probably would never have been able to collect this as easily as we did. To anyone having issues regarding HOA collections, I strongly urge you to use this program. It really works.

· Hema P., Paragon Property Management

  “Your process has helped our law firm increase collections, and keep costs down for our HOA clients. You have provided an excellent and easy to use service that frees up our time and allows us to focus on other parts of our business.”

· Atlanta Law Firm

  "CPM began using this process after several months of searching for an alternate to sending accounts to an attorney, in the early stages of delinquency. The service has been especially helpful in Community Associations where small annual assessments take years of delinquency to become big enough for legal action. We’ve found the potential of being credit reported has prompted many homeowners to get current in their assessments. Also, you've given CPM an additional income stream, as we add a ‘monitoring’ fee to the service when we provide it to our Associations. It has been a great addition to our collection practice due to the ability to affect homeowners’ credit score!"

· Bob K., Community Property Management

  "I manage a 50-year old large-scale lake oriented community. The challenges collecting our dues were compounded by the fact that two-thirds of the members are non-resident property owners (some are absentee out-of-state owners). Foreclosure of an unimproved property is not an economical solution and the alternative to bill the member year after year knowing the account was not going to get paid was extremely frustrating.

In the past we worked with a couple of other agencies with minimal success. The association attorney offered a modified collection program through his office but as nice as the offer was, it still was not financially feasible. Then our attorney referred us to this credit reporting process as a potential source to help with our collections. After reviewing the material and checking references we made the decision to engage these services.

We learned that this process functions more as a dunning agency than a collection agency, and seemed to have an effective dunning campaign with the ability to report unsettled accounts to all three major credit reporting bureaus. It also maintains a file with due diligence suitable for legal follow-up should that be necessary.

In short the benefits that attracted us are:

It’s been almost a two years now that we have been working together, and we're pleased with the results. I consider our partnership to be successful in changing payment habits based on two key indicators:

In closing one last comment; once we started working with your firm we discovered the intangible benefit of working with helpful professionals who understand the HOA business and do what they say they are going to do. You are a pleasure to work with."

· Ed Varno, Association Manager, LSEA POA

"We have used your collection system for that past three years now and you've completely changed our finances for the better. When we first started, we were several thousand dollars in the red, as we had to keep borrowing from our reserves account to pay bills. That completely changed once we started send you our accounts. We went from several thousand dollars in the red, to $72,000 in the black in a short period of time (I'm talking a matter of months).

Since that time, we have used you as soon as our semi-annual dues are even 45 days late - and we have had a 94% success rate in collecting delinquent HOA dues, by following that simply philosophy of submitting accounts early.

We have also found that their system has never generated any complaints from our homeowners - not even one.

This process has gently brought delinquencies current, without offending anybody, and is very simple to use. I highly recommend this system to anyone who is having issues, and wants to collect their dues without upsetting their neighbors!"

· Shelton L., Versage HOA Treasurer, Director of HOA

"Our management firm has several associations using your service with great success. The power of credit reporting is most effective. I highly recommend your service to any association who wishes to have great success collecting delinquent dues."

· Gerri B., VP of Operations, Florida Property Management Firm

If you'd like a reference from any of the above testimonials, simply let us know, and we'll gladly put you in touch with them.

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