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Harmonious HOA Collections – Keeping It Neighborly

 June 28, 2018

  One of board members biggest complaints over HOA collections is feeling as if they're throwing delinquent neighbors to the dogs, like a bone to be chewed on. Let’s face it – that’s a valid concern. However, there are simple solutions that work and collect HOA dues while keeping harmony in a community.

  After all, there has to be some solution between non-payment and declaring war on neighbors legally, right?

  Yes, there is. And you’ll understand its power and harmony the moment you hear it.

Harmonious HOA Collections

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The Secret to Keeping it Neighborly

  The first thing to understand is how important it is to keep your neighbor in a comfortable loop while getting them to act. That means keeping collections activity in line with what they already accept, while adding a motivation that affects them personally.

  For instance, when an HOA collection agency always instructs delinquent members to pay you or your management firm directly, that’s the first step in removing friction from the situation. Members will never feel comfortable when strangers demand to be paid for something the strangers have nothing to do with. Always instructing your members to pay your association or management firm directly removes that hurdle. Make sense?

Simple Second Step

  The next element is to allow the very real potential consequence of being credit reported as a collection account do the heavy lifting. When phone counselors simply inform members their delinquent dues will be credit reported if they don’t act soon you allow that consequence to gently motivate. It’s also important to ensure the collection agency has their collection counselors on salary so there’s no pressure. For members who are just ignoring their dues, being credit reported offers enough motivation all by itself. Over the past several years we’ve found this is the best method – just let members know that credit reporting will occur at the end of the collection process if they don’t act. And it works 52.4% of the time. Without declaring legal war on your neighbor.

The Harmonious Manner

  So always work with an agency that uses all the tools of the trade – skip tracing, letters, phone calls, and credit reporting – and does so in a harmonious manner; leading your members to pay their delinquent dues while maintaining your relationship. This simple, harmonious process brings your members back to the table to get current and make amends with your board. You want them to be active members upholding their responsibilities and this process will do just that. POAs, HOAs and COAs from Florida to Hawaii have been discovering this truth... and gaining the peace of mind and benefits it brings.

  On a final note, professional HOA collection agencies provide such services without cost to association boards. Which is the way it should be. Why should a board have to pay for collection services when those services don’t perform? Professional collection services who have confidence are willing to base their fee on performance

  Wouldn’t it be nice if every service was that confident?

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