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Amazing Customer Service ›

You'll have a dedicated CSR to ensure consistent, superior customer service. Our Customer Service Represenatives specialize in, and only serve, property management firms and community associations.

You can use our Help Request system, or reach your CSR by phone or email. We also provide you a secure Citrᴉx portal to upload accounts. Sending us accounts is a breeze with our spreadsheet template, and we have short tutorial videos to help you 24 hours a day.

Our focus is on serving you with the most convenient and secure systems available today, while increasing your revenue.

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CPA Supervision and Reporting ›

All receipts are monitored by a certified professional accounting firm. Homeowners make payment directly to the Association's agent or management firm. Collected dues are deposited directly into the Association's bank account and are available for immediate use.

Supervision of funds and a monthly revenue report is provided by accredited firm Thomas E. Scott CPA PLLC

Mr. Scott has been an officer of non-profit Boards of Directors, including Boy Scouts, Rotary, Sigma Chi and other 501(c)(3) organizations. He is co-founder and treasurer of FEAT (CFO Organization), and has served on the Board of BDFC (SBA lender) in Arizona.

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Crystal Clear Reporting ›

Our process gives you complete transparency and accountability. You have access to reporting on what letters we’ve sent and when, and when phone calls are made. We'll even provide our internal notes from phone conversations with your homeowners.

With our crystal clear reporting capabilities and the instant availability of collected dues, you'll be in control of accounts receivables like never before; and be able to provide clear, concise reporting to Board Members.

Get complete transparency and accountability, with unparalleled tracking and revenue reporting. All while increasing your revenue, and resolving delinquencies.

· Superior Customer Service · Supervision of Funds by a Certified Public Accountant · All With Crystal Clear Reporting ·

We Specifically Hire and Train Compassionate and Effective Collection Counselors

In fact, we shy away from hiring people who have worked in collections before, because they tend to lack the right heart to work with your neighbors. Our salaried counselors gently communicate to homeowners the need to resolve delinquencies before the consequence of credit reporting occurs. This calm approach maintains community relations.

Many homeowners are able but unwilling to pay their dues. These homeowners are paying other credit-related bills — like their cable, credit cards, and car payments — they're simply not paying their assessments. Our collection counselors calmly and clearly help homeowners understand they need to get current in order to maintain their good credit. We simply put their HOA dues on the same level as their other credit-reportable bills. And once they become current, we send them a Thank You letter on your behalf.

Our process timeline utilizes skip tracing, a phone and letter campaign, and an attorney written demand, along with the incentive of impending credit reporting to motivate association members to pay their delinquent dues. And the community association receives 100% of their collected dues.

Olivan Inc is an authorized agent of national collection agency NCSPlus Incorporated which operates in all 50 states. The collection process used by Olivan Inc operates as an HOA ‘dunning service’ or an HOA ‘dunning agency’ for property management companies, community associations, homeowners associations, property owners associations, and condominium associations. This collection process complies with all FDCPA, FCRA,CFPB, and NCAP rules and regulations, as well as all State and Federal laws and statutes.

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