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No Cost HOA Collections

 April 19, 2018

  There’s a new process available for Community Associations to get delinquent dues paid without any out of pocket expense; and where associations receive 100% of their collected dues. [...]

How to Collect Delinquent HOA Dues

 March 5, 2018

  What makes people willing to pay their bills? One incentive is the need to maintain access to the service or product they’re paying for. Another motivation is when a reasonable and effective consequence exists [...]

HOA Foreclosures

 March 1, 2018

  Amazingly, many families find a way to cure the burdensome legal costs and late fees incurred in an HOA foreclosure process and somehow get current.  It’s sad to think that a family pressed to the brink of financial disaster, who somehow find a way to pay all that money, can’t be helped by some means long before all those fees and costs bury them. [...]

Credit Reporting HOA Dues

 April, 27, 2018

  So what about community association assessments, more commonly called ‘dues’. Homeowners association board members have been looking at alternatives to the old lien and foreclosure process for some time now. However HOA credit reporting has only recently become available [...]

POA Collections - Challenges and Solutions

 May, 23, 2018

  "Property owners associations collection issues present special needs. For instance, many times a POA doesn’t have their lot owners’ physical mailing address, much less a phone number. POA boards are trying to collect dues on a lot you can’t even deliver mail to [...]

Harmonious HOA Collections - Keeping it Neighborly

 June, 28, 2018

  "One of board members biggest complaints over HOA collections is feeling as if they're throwing delinquent neighbors to the dogs, like a bone to be chewed on. Let’s face it – that’s a valid concern. However, there are simple solutions that work and collect HOA dues while keeping harmony in a community. [...]

How to Hire an HOA Collection Agency

 July, 14, 2018

  "Hiring any collection agency can, unfortunately, be tricky. However hiring an HOA collection agency, where your own neighbors are the ones you’re collecting on, can be a real high wire act. [...]

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